Messil inc is a small company working to create the best mobile experience for physicians looking to access quality medical information. As physicians, we understand the impact a good user interface and experience can have, especially at 2AM on the ward.

Founded in 2010, we’ve since been able to bring to market many bestsellers including MD on Call and Lanthier — Practical Guide to Internal Medicine. Our work has been featured by Apple and in many well respected blogs such as iMedicalApps.

Marc-Emile Plourde MD, FRCPC

Radiation oncologist, Assistant Professor at Université de Sherbrooke. He’s the medical mind behind the projects we embark on. He’s also the lead author of MD on Call app.

Benoit Essiambre M.A.Sc.

The engineering brain behind our work. Creator of the major App Store success line of “Speed Anatomy” apps, there’s no challenge big enough for him.

Looking for more? info@messil.com